Altex Coatings Ltd is proud to include the internationally recognised range of Nullifire Intumescent Coatings within our complete Fireproofing systems offering.

Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent coatings are the tried and tested way of protecting buildings and ultimately people and lives. Our intumescent coatings have been exhaustively tested both in our own laboratories but also to national and international standards in independent testing houses all over the world.


Water-Based Intumescent Coatings

A smooth finish in a faster time than other methods. Given the environmental benefits of water based coatings then these products are now the preferred choice among specifiers and applicators alike. For 60 minute fire protection SC802 remains the preferred choice, and for longer time periods our new hybrid SC902 thick coat is recommended. Our water-based systems include:
  • SC802 On-site water-based intumescent basecoat

Rapid-Cure Systems

Our rapid-cure systems include:
  • SC902 Fast track, on-site intumescent steel coating

Solvent Based Single-Pack

Our solvent based single pack systems include:
  • SC601 Single-pack, thin film intumescent steel coating


For primers that work in harmony with protective intumescent coatings then look no further than these recommended solutions from Altex Coatings. All of these have been tested to enable them to be specified together with the confidence that they will perform both in application and in the event of fire.

Top Seals

Top Seals are the final element, designed to make the finished steel work look good, but also to protect the intumescent basecoat underneath. Always make sure that the top seal is compatible with the basecoat, select from: