Altex Coatings is proud to bring you the most advanced fireproofing technology available.

Avoid expensive oversights and application issues when specifiying fireproofing, choose an Altex distributed product and leave the rest up to us.

With intumescent or lightweight cementitious coatings used to protect steel in both conventional and hydrocarbon fires, we have a full range of products to solve the toughest challenges, dramatically delaying the time it takes for steel to heat up to a critical deformation temperature.

Our in-house software and databases provide rapid, accurate and easily updated fireproofing loading information.


Proven Products from an Industry Leader

Carboline is a global leader in providing high performance protective coatings and fireproofing products. Our comprehensive passive fire protection line of Sprayed Fire Resistive Materials (SFRMs) and Intumescent Fire Resistive Materials (IFRMs) offer dependable and proven aesthetically pleasing solutions for commercial applications. Our global reach allows us to consistently provide the highest quality products and services to our customers anywhere in the world.



Our highly regarded passive fire protection products have been fully tested and qualified to meet the most current fire portection and performance standards by world-class organisations such as: