Southwest Type 5GP


15 pcf (240 kg/m3) commercial density fireproofing with excellent application characteristics. Provides fire protection for interior columns, beams, joists, decks, walls, roofs, girders, floors and pre-cast units. Tested and certified for fire resistance ratings up to 4 hours.


Southwest Type 5GP™ is a cementitious fireproofing material in the standard density group as defined by standard industry practice. Southwest Type 5GP™ is a development of the classic non-combustible vermiculite and gypsum combination first introduced as a spray-applied fireproofing by the Vermiculite Institute in 1959.

The beneficial combination of ingredients in this formulation has been continuously proven by use in demanding applications since then. Southwest Type 5GP™ is the fireproofing of choice to protect most structural elements in buildings. Application is economical because it is simple and easy to mix, apply and clean up. The installed material is strong, durable and reliable. The physical properties of Southwest Type 5GP™ meet or exceed industry standards, refer to Table 1 below.

Property & Test Method Sugested Industry Standard* Tested Values**
Fire Resistance BS 476 Proven in Fire Restistance Test Passed - WFRC Report 163280
Fire Resistance AS1530.4 & 4100 Full assessment of approved testing Approved: BRANZ FAR 3764/FAR 3876
Fire Resistance, ASTM E-119 Proven in Fire Resistance Tests Passed - up to 240 FFR (UL Designs)
Density, ASTM E-605 240kg/m2, 15 pcf minimum, avg 240 - 272 kg/m3, 15 - 17 pcf avg
Combustibility, ASTM E-136 Noncombustible Passed, noncombustible
Compressive Strength, ASTM E-761 57 kPa, 1,200 lb/ft2 112 kPa, 2,340 lb/ft2
Cohesion/Adhesion, ASTM E-736*, 9.6 kPa 200 lb/ft2 19.6 kPa, 389 lb/ft2
Effect of Impact, ASTM E-760 No cracking or delamination Passed, no cracking or delamination
Effect of Deflection, ASTM E-759 No spalling or delamination Passed, no spalling or delamination
Corrosion of Steel, ASTM E-937 No contribution to corrosion Passed, no contribution to corrosion
Erosion by Air, ASTM E-859 Max, 0.054 g/m2, 0.005 g/ft2 Passed, 0.00 g/m2, 0.000 g/ft2
Surface Burning, ASTM E-84 Flame Spread 25, Smoke 200 Flame Spread 0, Smoke 0

*Recommended average values, allowable individual values are typically 75 percent of average.
**Values are from laboratory tests under controlled conditions and notintended to replace industry standards for specification purposes.

Note: Southwest Type 5MD has a bond strength of >430 psf @ 15 pcf, >1,000 psf @ 18 pcf and >3,000 psf @ 22 pcf.